Top 3 Reasons to Inspect Your Gas Fireplace

Keeping a wood burning fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year is recommended time and again. Fires can occur when a chimney is not inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. It is no secret that a gas fireplace burns clean and is much lower maintenance than a traditional wood burning fireplace. So what about gas fireplace inspections and cleanings? We don’t hear those warnings near as often even though the risk for fire and other damages can occur just as easily with a gas insert. In fact there are 3 good reasons for having a gas fireplace inspected on a regular basis.

  1. Gas leaks. Gas can be a dangerous medium if the equipment dispensing it is not functioning correctly. Having the gas valves and ceramic logs checked for leaks and cracks can prevent dangerous gas explosions. Don’t try and inspect or fix faulty equipment on your own. With gas, it is best to let professionals take care of it.
  1. Cracks in the chimney. While the fire itself is less work and clean burning the chimney still takes on the heat from the gas and fights off the cold, wind, and rain. It is important to have your chimney checked yearly for cracks, the breakdown of mortar, leaks, and other issues that could cause serious problems with the structure of your chimney.
  1. Unwanted Guests. You may not have to worry about soot or creosote buildup blocking your gas chimney but you may still have the occasional furry or feathered friend set up shop in your bricks. An inspection can identify when small animals or their nests are blocking your chimney and safely remove them from the structure.

Chimney Master Dallas has years of experience with professional and efficient chimney inspections and cleanings. Schedule your appointment with Chimney Master for your gas fireplace for a safe and cozy winter.