The Basics of Using Your Fireplace


If you are a newbie to the use of a fireplace, there are a few basic steps to follow before you get started with your fire. Fireplaces are growing in popularity and many homeowners are beginning to realize the benefits of using an extra source of heat to cut back on expensive heating bills in the wintertime. If you have never used your fireplace it is important to have a professional come to do a chimney inspection to make sure the structure is safe and clean before adding wood and lighting your first cozy fire.

  1. Clean out the fireplace opening and hearth. You should have had this done as part of your professional cleaning and chimney check.
  2. Open the damper on your fireplace. The damper regulates how much air moves in and out of your chimney. If the damper is still closed after you light a fire your house will quickly fill with smoke.
  3. Prime your chimney/flue. A chimney located outside the house will have the temperature of the cold winter air. It’s important to warm the chimney some before building your fire. You can do this with priming wood or with rolled up newspapers.
  4. Stack your seasoned wood. There are a variety of methods for stacking logs such as the upside-down stack or the log cabin. They are both successful at starting fires you will want to experiment with both to find out which you prefer.
  5. Relax as you enjoy your very first fire in your fireplace. You’ve successfully created your fire it will be time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Cozy up next to your loved ones as you reflect in the glow of your first fire.

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