Contemporary or Traditional Pieces for Your Gas Fireplace?

For many homeowners a fireplace provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. While a fireplace creates a relaxing space the idea of cutting or buying wood and the mess it creates is less than appealing. A gas fireplace is the best of everything with the cozy living space without the mess of soot and smell of smoke. Today’s gas fireplace provide even and consistent heat and are also beautiful to look out. Older gas logs looked artificial with blue flames and none of the physical attributes of real wood logs. Options for fireplaces today go so much further than even realistic looking ceramic logs. Trendy and modern looks can be had for reasonable prices adding to the aesthetics of your home.

If you still have a wood burning fireplace and are considering a change gas fireplace inserts can be installed in your traditional opening. Options for gas include propane or natural with natural being the most cost efficient. Gas burns evenly allowing for a more consistent heat than that from a traditional wood burning fireplace. There is also the added perk of no soot to clean up.

Gas heat is as easy to use as the push of a button-literally! The temperature of the heat can easily be controlled by thermostat and the flames will not need any attention at all.

There a multiple options for fireplace inserts including ceramic logs which are by far the most popular pick. The give the look and feel of a wood burning fire creating that traditional fireplace atmosphere. Newer options include fire glass and firestones which make for a modern and sophisticated focal point in your living space. These contemporary looks are popular for many looking to update the design of their homes. Chimney Master Dallas is proud to  offer all of these products for your gas fireplace. Whether your fireplace is new or you are looking to change your look contact Chimney Master Dallas for a full preview of our gas fireplace products and services.