Last Call Before the Fall Rush

Typically the time period between October and January is the busiest season for professionals in the chimney business. The cooler weather serves as a reminder that it is time for a cleaning and some maintenance. If you wait until the rush season begins you could find yourself without use of your fireplace anywhere from 24 hours to multiple weeks. Scheduling a clean and check right now can prevent losing use of your fireplace when you need it the most. If you haven’t had a chimney cleaning for a few years then you really need to have your chimney cleaned and checked ASAP. Letting your chimney go for too long can lead to some pretty severe damage.

What could go wrong?

A routine cleaning and check of your chimney can help identify potential problems that can lead to leaks or even a fire. Your chimney professional like the pros at Chimney Master Dallas know exactly what to look for and can have repairs complete in a matter of hours. If you let problems go what you could end up with are expensive repairs that take weeks to correct. Common problems include old liners, damaged chimney crowns and caps, and older bricks that need replaced. All of these are easy to fix if caught early enough.

Don’t risk leaks or a fire

The prevention of chimney leaks when it rains and eliminating combustible build up of soot and creosote all come down to a yearly check of your chimney. A yearly cleaning eliminates the flammable build up inside your chimney protecting your home from damaging fires. While cleaning the chimney a quick examination can locate areas prone to leaking which can then be fixed and ready for the winter season.

To schedule your fireplace check call Chimney Master Dallas today.