Best Tips For Burning Wood

Fall season is upon us and thoughts of cozy sweaters, hot drinks, and wood burning in the fireplace are running through our minds. A fireplace is a great way to supplement heating in your home and provides an inviting atmosphere for relaxing and even entertaining. There is an art to properly cutting and storing wood before using it in a fireplace. To get the most out of the fireplace season follow some of these tips for burning wood in your fireplace.

  • Choose your wood. There are hardwoods like oak or maple and softwoods such as cedar. Depending on the amount of heat you would like to produce will help decide whether you want to cut or purchase a hard or soft wood. Hardwoods produce more heat than softwoods and are therefore better when your fireplace is providing the bulk of the warmth for your home.
  • Season and cure. Wood that has had time to dry out will create a better, cleaner fire in your fireplace. Be sure the wood is clean with not chemical treatments such as paint. Once the wood has cured or dried out completely it will make a nice crack sound if your hit two logs together.
  • Split it and stack it. Wood that has been cut and split will dry faster for you to use in your home. Stack wood off the ground and in a covered area to prevent it from collecting moisture before you bring it into the house.
  • Clean your fireplace. A fire will burn longer and cleaner in a hearth that is cleaned on a regular basis. Do your best to keep soot and debris cleaned from the area for a better fire.
  • Check your chimney. Have your chimney inspected on a yearly basis to ensure it is clean, all bricks and mortar are safe and undamaged, and that the liner does not need replaced. A properly checked chimney will allow just the right amount of air to keep your fire burning warm and bright.