Keep the Smoke and Flames Out of Your House

There is nothing cozier than sitting by a warm fire tucked up in your favorite chair relaxing the night away. What isn’t cozy is just when you get settled, smoke from your fireplace starts rolling into the home ruining the evening and your relaxation. How did this happen and what can you do to not only fix it but prevent it from happening again? Most likely your chimney needs an inspection and some repairs. It’s never normal for smoke to exit the fireplace into your home so it’s best to address the problem immediately by contacting the professionals at Chimney Master Dallas. Here are some common problems causing smoke to enter your home.

  • Clean your chimney. If you’ve been neglecting a yearly cleaning for several years the likelihood of buildup inside the chimney is very high. Soot and creosote buildup can cause blockages and, even more dangerous, may combust causing not only smoke but also flames. A good cleaning will get rid of the build up and solve the problem of smoke entering your home.
  • Open your damper. The damper controls the amount of draft that is moved through the chimney. If your damper is closed air won’t circulate as well and can cause smoke to push through your chimney and out the fireplace opening into your home.
  • Check your cap/crown. Much like a chimney cleaning your cap or crown should be checked on a yearly basis. A cracked or damaged cap can lead to many problems one of those excess smoke in your home.
  • Is there a blockage? If there is a blockage from buildup or even an animal nest or remains smoke will not be able to exit the chimney through the crown opening. The smoke will instead puff back out through the fireplace opening and into your home.

For a chimney cleaning or more tips on chimney and fireplace care, contact Chimney Master Dallas today.