Doors for Your Fireplace

Fireplaces add a comfortable and warm atmosphere to any room, and with some fresh new options, can be a beautiful and stylish focal point for your home.  Doors serve an important function for keeping a well-maintained and safe fireplace and chimney. Without fireplace interior coverings, you could be losing heat from your chimney straight up your chimney increasing energy bills. Choosing the right doors can save on these heating costs and also add a pretty touch to your fireplace. So which doors are the best pick?

Without a doubt, glass doors are the best kind of doors to have on your fireplace. They are durable and do a perfect job of keeping the opening to your fireplace closed off when not in use. Typically, a set of glass doors are made with a metal frame and come in either bi-fold and cabinet options. The doors can help hide the ash and wood mess left behind after a fire and keep heated air in the room from escaping back up the chimney. The glass is a perfect way to keep the flames contained in wood burning fires and add an extra layer of security for gas fireplaces.

Another option for protecting your room is to choose a fireplace screen which also does a good job of keep flames and ash contained, but these metal mesh contraptions are not as energy efficient as glass model doors. Screens won’t keep the heated air from escaping your room and allow cold air in the summer months to also go up straight up the chimney.

Glass doors can be ordered custom-made for your fireplace opening or bought from in stock models. Depending on your particular opening if it is an unusual size you may need to have a set of doors custom made. Chimney Master Dallas can help assess your fireplace opening and help make a decision about the best doors for your fireplace.