Get Rid of the Draft

With all of the heating options available to homeowners, there is none as tried and true as that of the fireplace. Warm and cozy, a fireplace can be the focal point of any room and provides an intense and comforting source for heat to take the winter chill out of the air. Even though fireplaces have been used for centuries, they still require much of the same maintenance and care that mantles and chimneys have needed since they were first used in homes. When something seems to be off with your chimney, such as leaks or drafts, it is a good idea to bring in a professional for a detailed check. Chimney Master Dallas can assist you with any concerns and problems you have concerning your fireplace include drafts.

What causes a draft?

A draft is when air escapes your chimney creating a current of cold air from your fireplace into your home. A drafty fireplace can make it difficult to heat your home and increase your energy bills so once you have identified a draft it is beneficial to discover what is causing it. Most drafts are caused by a faulty damper. The damper is generally located close to the fire and can’t create a tight seal. Installing a new damper located at the top can prevent drafts the seal on a top mount damper is tighter

Inserts can help

Most fireplaces are more for supplemental heat and decor than for a primary heat source. If an open fireplace has become drafty it may pay to have either a stove insert or gas insert placed inside the opening. These inserts allow for use of the fireplace but create a tight seal that keeps wind from coming into your home. Stove inserts especially are great for providing heat while preventing drafts.

For help with your draft and regular chimney maintenance call Chimney Master Dallas today.