Keep Carbon Monoxide From Invading Your Home

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that is dangerous and causes over 400 deaths each year. These unintentional deaths can easily be prevented by taking precautions to make sure your home is equipped with detectors and scheduling regular checks on heating equipment including chimneys. The number of carbon monoxide injuries and deaths are on the rise partly due to new well-built homes with energy efficient windows and well-made insulation. When a furnace or chimney slowly releases small amounts of carbon monoxide it is harder for it to be released outside. Chimney Master Dallas recommends getting your flue and liners checked every year to be sure you are safe from unknown carbon monoxide poisoning.

Other modern problems leading to issues with carbon monoxide have to do with new more energy efficient gas appliances being used with older less efficient chimneys that may not be the right size. If the liner of the chimney is not checked for soot and creosote build-up, this harmful gas could be making its way back into your home. Not to mention the fire hazard the build up inside your chimney could become. Checking for bird nests and other blockages will help prevent carbon monoxide from taking over and causing injury to you or your family.

Be on the lookout for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning such as dizziness, fatigue, headache, and nausea. If members of your household are displaying these same problems blood tests can uncover monoxide in your system. The best plan of attack though is to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning before it starts. Call Chimney Master Dallas to have your chimney cleaned and check at least once a year and keep you family and those you care about safe from this silent killer. Chimney Master Dallas is pleased to serve both residential and commercial chimneys in the Dallas area.