Yearly Checks for a Healthy Chimney

The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) recommends regular checks of your chimney and fireplace to ensure the safety of your home and brick structure. Having your chimney cleaned and checked once a year is the best way to make certain there are no structural issues or fire hazards within your chimney. Even if your fireplace and chimney appear to be functioning correctly without any hassle, there could still be problems brewing within the structure that can lead to damage or fires. Fortunately, we can help.

Why does my chimney need checked?

You may have had a problem free winter with no noticeable blockages or leaks in your chimney. What you may not realize is that soot and creosote can build up on the inside of your liner leading to a serious fire hazard. Going several years without a check can put you at a higher risk for fires. Your structure may also have tiny cracks or structural integrities that, if found early, can be inexpensive and easy to fix. Letting your chimney checks go could lead to large cracks and crumbling bricks which are far more expensive and time consuming to fix.

Wouldn’t I notice a problem?

Many problems are virtually unnoticeable in their beginning stages to those who are not chimney professionals like the experts at Chimney Master Dallas. For example, it’s tough to see those tiny cracks in the mortar or the very beginning of a blockage. An extra hard winter with lots of moisture can play a large part in causing problems with your chimney. We also make sure your chimney cap is fitted and working correctly. Don’t risk causing an expensive repair because you didn’t notice a problem. Play it safe and call for your yearly check with Chimney Master Dallas.