The Summer Season is Chimney Sweep Season

Summertime is here and warm weather is taking us outside for lots of fun activities. Summer is the perfect time to have your chimney cleaned and checked since it won’t be utilized. You could attempt to clean our chimney yourself but it’s messy, cumbersome, and if you aren’t entirely sure what you are doing it could be dangerous. Don’t put yourself at risk and take up your free summer afternoons cleaning out a chimney. Call the experts at Chimney Master Dallas to clean your chimney and get it ready to go when the weather turns chilly this winter. Our services are hassle free and give you the peace of mind that your fireplace will work perfectly.

Why bother cleaning your chimney?

There are a multitude of reasons to have your chimney checked and cleaned. The following are the top reasons to call Chimney Master.

  • Fire hazard. As you use your fireplace the chimney becomes coated with ash and smoke residue. This buildup can catch fire and put your home in danger. A proper cleaning will eliminate the chance of fires.
  • Carbon Monoxide. An uncleaned chimney puts you at higher risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. This gas has no smell and is undetectable without the right tests again putting you and your family at risk.
  • Birds and nests. Chimney Master checks for animals, birds, and nests that may have set up residence in your chimney. We also sell top quality chimney covers to keep animals from invading your chimney.
  • Structural issues. A good cleaning can also identify any structural problems that need repair before you start using your fireplace again. These issues can cause a chimney to collapse and need attention immediately.

Don’t wait until it is time to start up the fires again. Get your chimney cleaned and repaired during the summer months so you can cozy up and relax by the fire next winter. Call Chimney Master Dallas to schedule a cleaning today.