Top 3 Reasons Your Need Your Chimney Checked

Watch any DIY or home buying show on television, and you will see home after home with a fireplace as the centerpiece in the main living space. A fireplace, whether it be modern or rustic in design, still needs the proper maintenance and cleaning each year to prevent fires and structural damage. While it may seem appealing to save money by attempting to clean your fireplace yourself there are some very good reasons to hire a professional service like Chimney Master to take care of your fireplace and chimney for you. If you need some convincing check out these top reasons for looking into a professional service.

  1. According to recent reports there are close to 25,000 fires in the U.S. caused by improperly maintained chimneys. Hiring professionals like Chimney Master to clean your chimney also insures that your chimney structure and flu have been checked and essential repairs have been made. Don’t skimp on your home’s safety by skipping a professional cleaning and chimney check.
  2. You may not notice right away or during warmer months when you aren’t using your fireplace that a nest has been built in your chimney. Chimney are a popular place for birds and other animals to set up residence. Having a professional check your chimney helps insure there are no blockages and that you will be good to go the next time your stoke the fire.
  3. Save your energy. Did you know the more buildup in your chimney the less efficient it becomes? The soot and creosote that builds up prevents air from circulating correctly making it necessary to burn more wood or fuel leading to more buildup. Break the cycle and keep your energy efficiency at optimal levels.

To schedule an appointment for a cleaning and maintenance check, contact Chimney Master Dallas today.