Keep Up With Chimney Repairs

There aren’t a lot of home structures that require zero maintenance, and your chimney is no exception. In fact, keeping your chimney clean and well maintained is vital to the safety and well-being of your living space. So what are some common chimney problems that require maintenance and repairs? Chimney Masters Dallas recommends a yearly inspection and cleaning to stay on top of your fireplace and chimney condition before any safety or structural issues can occur. Check out some of the following chimney issues that require repairs.

  • Your chimney is made of brick and mortar and is exposed to the elements on a daily basis. It isn’t unusual for the rain to start to cause problems with the mortar and challenge the structure of your chimney. Tuckpointing is process that removes the damaged mortar replacing it with new.
  • Cap and crown repair. The top of your chimney protects the inside of your chimney from damage and blockage. When the cap or crown structure is damaged it can compromise the rest of your chimney. Yearly inspections can catch any problems and save money in the long run when repairs are made immediately preventing further damage.
  • Flue repairs. Once the lining of a chimney is cracked or damaged it increases the risk for a fire in your home. Replacing an old cracked clay lining with stainless steel lining is a long-term solution for keeping your chimney functional and safe.
  • Other leaks and cracks. Your chimney is a large structure that can become vulnerable to leaks and cracks from top to bottom. At times it may become necessary to do a full rebuilding or structural repair. Leaks, cracks, and blockages are dangerous and pose serious risks if not repaired on a regular basis.

Contact Chimney Masters Dallas for a full inspection and cleaning to keep your chimney and fireplace functional and safe all year round.